the cast of major characters

Heather Delgado - plaintiff - ex-wife of Thomas Araguz, who he divorced in 2007.

Simona Longoria - plaintiff - mother of Thomas Araguz, probably does not have standing to bring suit.

Nikki Araguz - defendant - widow of Thomas Araguz, married in 2008.

Thomas Araguz - late husband of Nikki Araguz, volunteer firefighter, apparently otherwise unemployed at the time of his death.

Chad Ellis - attorney for Simona Longoria.

Edward Burwell - attorney for Heather Delgado.

Frank Mann - attorney for Heather Delgado.

Phyllis Frye - attorney for Nikki Araguz.

Darrell M. Steidley - attorney for Nikki Araguz.

Raquel Araguz - sister of Thomas Araguz.

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