Tuesday, July 27, 2010

extended video interview with Nikki Araguz

Here is an extended interview with Nikki Araguz, from the ABC station in Houston, TX.

During the video interview above with Nikki Araguz, she provides a variety of information about herself. She makes every effort during the interview to prevaricate around the news reporter's attempts to ask her certain direct questions. She is clearly not someone trained in the media savvy art of verbal evasion practiced by politicians though. Some of the statements she makes in this interview seem to contradict statements she has made in previous and subsequent interviews as well. However, she comes across as mature, emotionally present and connected, and lucid, although with an appropriate level of defensiveness, given the sorts of probing performed by the television news reporter questioning her in the video. This is a woman vastly evolved from the flighty teenager in the video documentary made of her over fifteen years ago.

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