Friday, July 30, 2010

Nikki Araguz, truth, and courts of law

In a recent Houston Chronicle newspaper article, Nikki Araguz is quoted as saying she and her late husband perjured themselves in depositions that were taken as part of the child custody lawsuit her husband's ex-wife Heather Delgado filed against them before his death. In that newspaper article she was quoted as follows:
"That deposition is a lie," Nikki Araguz said from her Wharton home Monday night.
"At the time, Thomas and I thought it was in the best interest of our children to lie. They were the center of (our) lives," she said.

It seems apparent that Nikki Araguz and her late husband, Thomas Araguz, truly didn't understand the legal system and the potential consequences for committing that sort of obvious perjury in a legal proceeding. Such perjury, once discovered by the court, which she has now publicly admitted to, only provides Heather Delgado with the very evidence of poor character Delgado would need to claim that Nikki Araguz is an unfit custodial parent for Ms. Delgado's biological children. With that sort of evidence, Nikki Araguz has unwittingly given Heather Delgado the ability to avoid mentioning Nikki Araguz's irrelevant transsexual status at all in the child custody case, to instead focus on Nikki's criminal history and her perjury in the lawsuit itself as the basis for preventing Nikki from having contact with her step sons. In all likelihood though, it seems probable that the child custody lawsuit is a moot point at this juncture anyway. This is so because, unless Nikki Araguz had adopted the children prior to her husband's death, it seems probable that she lost any legal relationship to her step children, has probably lost standing (the ability to be a party) in the child custody lawsuit as a consequence of her husband's death, and therefore has probably lost any legal right to have contact with her two step sons, Trevor Araguz (age 9) and Tyler Araguz (age 7), anyway.

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