Thursday, July 29, 2010

nikki araguz 1994 student video documentary

Here are clips from the video documentary that was made of Nikki Araguz in the mid 1990s when she was apparently about twenty years old and attending college. The Fox News television station in Houston, TX was apparently approached by the videographer who made the documentary and purchased the exclusive rights to broadcast the video. In the excerpts from the much longer video that were presented by the Houston, TX Fox News television station, Nikki expresses what seems like relatively classic transsexual self perceptions, including her college aged determination to living an all female life at that time.

[part one]

[part two]

[part three]

(please note that Fox News keeps changing the link information for these videos, so they may no longer contain the correct segments of the three video segments)

Although fox news has inter cut the documentary of Nikki Araguz made during her college years with their own editorialized commentary, much of the contents of the documentary do seem to provide insights into her thought processes and well as clear evidence of the structure of her life when the documentary was made. The video documentary also seems to provide excellent evidence of the fact that Nikki Araguz was apparently born with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, a condition that causes the human body to develop as female despite having an XY sex chromosome pair, (see references below).

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